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The Purple Heart Bus Project

Final Rendering

First of all I want to say it was an honor and a privilege to be involved in this project. Many folks came together in a very short amount of time to make this happen and the end result looks great!

The biggest thanks go to all of our dedicated United States Armed Forces who sacrifice so much for our country, our freedom, our way of life, and for their sacrifices for our allies. The 9 local medal recipients we have featured on this bus are just a drop in the bucket of those who deserve to be honored. There are so many who deserve to be honored but we only had a very short amount of time and space to work with on this project so a few were selected that would represent a broad range of conflicts and backgrounds, are true Midlands area locals, and with whom we could quickly get in touch with for the photography.

I'd also like to thank some of the others involved in putting this project together.

On the front end of the project -

Bill Dukes (Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army) - Mr. Dukes spearheaded this project and worked fast and hard to bring many folks together to pull this off as well as raising a minimal amount of funding to simply cover hard costs (this was not a profitable project for anyone involved, nor was it intended to be).

The COMET (Bob Schneider) - The COMET is of course donating the exterior of the bus.

Project Sponsors-

The City of Columbia

Lexington County

Richland County

On the production end of the project -

SightLine (Richard Larson) - Design, printing, preparation of the bus and coordinating the installation of the wrap. as well as some of the installation.

George Fulton Productions - George was responsible for coordinating with the 9 featured Purple Heart recipients and getting us the incredibly good photography of them.

Wrap Installers - Danny Rhame, Paul, Andy Wilmoth

Anyways - thanks to all involved and of course thanks to the dedicated members of our Armed Forces.

- Richard Larson